2009: Orgel Park, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Constitutive Meeting of the Music & Media Study Group

Saturday 4th July
9.30 Emile Wennekes (organizing committee), Word of welcome;
Hans Fidom (researcher Orgel Park), “The Orgel Park & Mediatizing Music Machines”.

Session 1: Chair: Sander van Maas (Utrecht University)
Marjaana Virtanen (University of Turku and Academy of Finland), “From rehearsals to mediatized performance: musicians’ gestures and their changes”;
Jannie Pranger (Utrecht University), “Mediatized performance: the cultural and the natural”;
Christopher Morris (University College Cork), “Digital Diva: Opera on Video”;
Tomi Mäkelä (Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg), “Visualizing Virtuosity and the idea of “Gesamtkunst””.

Session 2: Chair: Tobias Plebuch (Humboldt Universität Berlin)
Jin Hyun Kim (University of Cologne): “Interface technologies of mediatizing musical experience”;
Isabella van Elferen (Utrecht University), “Magic Mobile Mnemonic: The Musical Flâneur”;
Melanie Fritsch (Universität Bayreuth), “Music in Videogames”.

Session 3: Chair: Tomi Mäkelä
Martin Knust (Stockholms Universitet), “European pre-filmic conceptions of mediatizing music within a dramatic artwork”;
Manuel Deniz Silva (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), “The politics of “mechanized sound”: depictions of inappropriate uses of music media in Portuguese early sound comedies”;
Brent A. Ferguson (Texas State University), “Film Music and Emotion: A Bibliographic Essay”;
James Deaville (Carleton University, Ottawa), “Sounding the War in Iraq: The Politics of Television News Music”.

9.30 Emile Wennekes, “Mediatzing Music as program, Music & Media as IMS Study Group”.
Session 4: Chair:James Deaville
Angela Ida De Benedictus (Universiyu of Pavia, Cremona), “History and Functions for Radio in Italy: Radio Play and Radio Operas”;
Christophe Bennet (Orleans), “The radio message: a typical opposition between erudite and popular cultures in the music broadcasting in France in the 1930s”;
Michael Saffle (Virginia Tech), “Mediatizing Music in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s America”;
Sander van Maas (Utrecht University/University of Amsterdam), “Mediation and Phantasm: On the Musical Constitution of Listenership”.

Session 5: Chair: Michael Saffle
Rens Machielse (Utrecht School of Music & Technology), “A model for dramatic coding through film music””;
Richard Brown (University of Southern California), ““The Spirit Inside Each Object”: John Cage, Oskar Fischinger, and the “Future of Music””;
Claudia Marisa Oliveira/Gilberto Bernardes (Superior School of Music and Performing Arts of the Porto Polytechnic Institute), “Sumbiosis: the Gesamtkunstwerk in the 21th Century”.

15.00 Emile Wennekes, closing remarks;
Tilmann Seebass (IMS President), “IMS and its Study Groups”.
followed by a
Festive inauguration of the MaM studygroup into the IMS.


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