2011: Universidade Nova, Lisbon, Portugal.

Universidade Nova, FCSH-UNL, Lisbon, Portugal
June 10-12 2011
Friday, June 10
Word of Welcome: Salwa Castelo-Branco (director of the INET-MD)
Opening Address: Emile Wennekes (Utrecht University)
Presentation of “Listening to the moving images” research project:
Manuel Deniz Silva (INET-MD) and Tiago Baptista (Cinemateca – Portuguese Film Museum), “Reconstructing the Musical Accompaniment of two Portuguese Silent Movies: Os Lobos (1923) and Lisboa, Crónica Anedótica (1930)”;
Pedro Rodrigues, Pedro Roxo, Hugo Silva and João Ricardo Pinto (INET-MD), “Research in Music, Sound and Moving Image in Portugal”.

Saturday, June 11
Session 1: Chair: Anahid Kassabian
Lidia López Gómez (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona), “Music and Politics in Alexander Nevsky, the Propaganda Role of Prokofiev’s Music in the Cinema”;
Teresa Fraile (Universidad de Extremadura), “Popular Music and National Identity on Spanish Cinema during the 1950s’;
Martin Knust (University of Stockholm), “Film better than Concert Hall? About Hugo Alfvéns Music for the Film”.

Session 2: Chair: Manuel Deniz Silva
Thijs Vroegh (Utrecht University/ University of Cambridge), “Constructing Musical Storyworlds: A Model for Understanding the Experience and Effects of Psychological Transportation into ‘Narrative Music’”;
Alessandro Cecchi (University of Siena), “The Sound of Industry: Musical Experimentation in Italian Industrial Film during the 1960s”;
Yayoi Uno Everett (Emory University), “From Nixon in China to Doctor Atomic: Repetition and Myth in John Adams’s Operas”.

Keynote Speaker: James Deaville (Carleton University), “Television Music Studies: Past, Present and Future”.

Session 3: Chair: Emile Wennekes
Michael Saffle (Virginia Tech) “The Sopranos and Telemusical Re-presentation / Transformation”;
Juan Chattah (University of Miami), “Towards a Cognitive/Semiotic Model for The Investigation of Irony in Film Music’;
Gaia Varon (University of Bologna), “Performing Performances: Some Considerations on the Role of the Filming and Recording Crews in Classical Music Videos”.

Conference by composer António de Sousa Dias:
Screening of Natureza Morta [Still Life], film directed by Susana de Sousa Dias, 72 min, Portugal, 2005.

Sunday, June 12
Session 4: Chair: James Deaville
Urszula Mieszkieło (Leuven), “Dance Music as an Expression of the State of Mind: The Music of Wojciech Kilar in The Leper and Jealousy and Medicine‘;
Ewelina Boczkowska (Youngstown State University), “Film’s Musical Moment as a Cultural Form in Roman Polanski’s Death and the Maiden‘;
Marco Cosci (Università degli Studi di Pavia-Cremona), “Audiovisual Recurrences in Time: Alain Resnais’s L’année dernière à Marienbad‘.

Keynote Speaker: Anahid Kassabian (University of Liverpool), “Smartphone Apps and the Environments of the Future”.

Session 5: Chair: Michael Saffle
Judith Cohen (York University), “Re-shaping Sephardic Music through the Media – a Perspective from Two Centuries”;
Maurilio Andrade Rocha (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais), “Brazilian Popular Song and its Relations to Urban Violence and Media”;
Consiglia Latorre (Instituto de Cultura e Arte da Universidade Federal do Ceará), “Song and Technological Mediation – Epoch Listening as a Methodological Proposal for Diversified Musical Reception’.

Closing Remarks:
Anahid Kassabian, James Deaville, Emile Wennekes, Manuel Deniz Silva.


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