2013: Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

carletonMusic on Small Screens
Carleton University, Ottawa
Thursday, 11.7.2013
Dean John Osborne: Greetings from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Carleton University;
Mitchell Frank/Brian Foss: Greetings from the School for Studies in Art and Culture;
Emile Wennekes: With Screens, Size does Matter.

Ronald Rodman (Carleton College), “Contemporary Cool” as Televisual Existential Sign;
Melachrinos Velentzas (University of Limerick), “Music in TV Advertising: A Semiotic Approach Singing the c(Ode)?”

Creating Digital Media
Adam Tindale (OCAD University), “An Authoring Framework for Creative Mobile Music Making”;
Alessandro Cecchetto (York University, Toronto), “Vision and Aurality in Online Community: Listening in Exurbia”;
Ely Rosenblum (University of Cambridge), “Mapping The Soundscape: Electro-acoustic Composition and Place-making in Interactive Sound Maps”

Television Musicals
Chris Culp (University at Buffalo), “‘Once More, With Feeling’: Musical Representation of Human Subjectivity in the Television Musical”;
Durrell Bowman, “The Spring in Springfield: Alf Clausen’s Music for Songs and “Mini-Musicals” on The Simpsons”

Friday, 12.7.2013

Television Series
Michael Saffle (Virginia Tech), “Musical Entfremdungseffekte and Contemporary Television: The Sopranos as Case Study”;
Jessica Getman (University of Michigan),“The Many Declarations of the Enterprise Fanfare”;

Video Game Music
Elizabeth Medina-Gray (Yale University), “Chance and Choice in the Assembly of Video Game Soundtracks”;
Sarah Pozderac-Chenevey (University of Cincinnati), “A Direct Link to the Past: Nostalgia and Semiotics in Video Game Music”;
Julianna Grasso (University of Chicago), “Laying the Musical Groundwork for Immersive Play in The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy”

(Popular) Television Music
Norma Coates (Western University), “‘5% of it is good:’ Leonard Bernstein, CBS Reports, and the Cultural Accreditation of Rock Music”;
Kenneth DeLong (University of Calgary), “‘And the women wicky wacky woo’: Music as Trans-National Comedy in the Jeeves and Wooster Series”.

14:00-15:00 KEYNOTE
Karen Collins (University of Waterloo), (“To Fidelity and Beyond: Consuming Media in a Mobile World”

Video Games and Opera
David Ferrandino (University at Buffalo), “Representations of Opera in Video Games: Final Fantasy VI and the ‘Aria di Mezzo Carattere’”;
William Cheng (Harvard University), “Opera, Video Games, and Aesthetic Distillation”;
Helen A. Rowe (Lawrence Conservatory of Music), “Classical Music in Game Space: How Portal 2’s Turret Opera Redefines Performance”

Performance in Video
Anabel Maher (University of Chicago),“Sign Language Song Music Videos: Deaf and Hearing Perspectives”;
Eric Hung (Westminster Choir College, Rider University), “Not the Macarena: “Gangnam Style” in the Context of American Dance Crazes”;

Saturday, 13.7.2013
YouTube Music
Patricia G.Lange (California College of the Arts), “Phenomenologies of Nostalgic Sound in YouTube Videos”;
Monica Ingalls (University of Cambridge), “Worship on Screen: Congregational Singing, Digital Devotion, and the New Audiovisual Iconography”;

Music in Children’s Television
Aaron Manela (Case Western Reserve University), “The Signifyin(g) Muppet: Blues and the Performance of Race for the Heartland on Sesame Street”;
Ryan Bunch (Rutgers University-Camden), “From Broadway to Sesame Street: Neighborhoods of Make-Believe and the Afterlife of Tin Pan Alley on Children’s Television”

Classical Music in Screen Media
Gillian Irwin (Muhlenberg College), “Chopin and Eternal Sonata: Escaping Reality, Constructing Identity”;
Michael Mackenzie (York University), “The Medium of the North, the Message of Music on the Small Screen: Glenn Gould, the CBC, and the Construction of Canadian Cultural Distinction”;

Musical Paratexts
Annette Davison (University of Edinburgh), “The Show Starts Here: viewer and fan interactions with recent television serials main title sequences”;
Ben Winters (Open University UK), “Idolising the Score: Indiana Jones Paratexts on the Small Screen”.

Concluding Discussion, led by Emile Wennekes (Utrecht University).


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